Asda development

What is being proposed?

  • A large 24 hour supermarket with parking for 344 cars.
  • A 24 hour petrol station and car wash facility.
  • Up to 250 jobs will
  • A traffic light controlled entrance on the Bath Road, just above Ermin Plant




Key Gateway – The A46 Bath Road is a key gateway into the town centre. We don’t want visitors to the town to see a huge supermarket as they approach. No amount of screening or landscaping will disguise such a large supermarket car park and petrol station on the side of this road, ruining the gateway into the town.

Industrial Heritage & History – The proposed site borders the Industrial Heritage Conservation Area which local houses and community facilities form. The site has a long and proud history along with many others in the valley bottoms of Stroud. Finally the site is overlooked by two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (Selsey and Rodborough Commons) and can be seen from many other hills in the area.

Residential Area – No other supermarket in Stroud is surrounded by so many houses, residents of Bath Road, Constance Close and Dudbridge Road will face severe disruption due to lorries and petrol tankers delivering 24/7, will have increased levels of traffic outside their homes and will look out and be faced with floodlighting for the carpark if 24 hour opening is granted.

Further retail development – There is a real danger that this scheme will open the door to more retail development, changing forever Stroud’s unique character as a Cotswold Market Town. If this proposal goes ahead, it sets a precedent for further retail development on this and other similar sites. Watch then for more large retailers wanting to create an out of town Retail Park, putting further pressure on town centre businesses and their local suppliers.


This development will have a permanent, adverse effect on independent businesses in town AND their many local suppliers, undoubtedly resulting in shops & businesses closing and the loss of jobs. The Stroud Valleys are well served by supermarkets – we have a Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose and Morrisons plus 2 large Co-Op stores and 3 Tesco Express stores. This new supermarket would create an unsustainable drain on the town’s economy, syphoning off profits from our community. This is not about customer need, it is all about shareholder greed.

Asda are owned by Walmart – one of the largest organisations in the world. They have an incredibly poor record of treating their staff – and Asda are no different. Asda does not allow unions on the shop floor and does not pay a living wage –

Local to Asda means ‘sourced in the UK’ and wont support local suppliers in the same way independent retailers and market traders do. This  is not good for rural businesses who rely on custom from the local businesses and people of Stroud.

The reason that Asda sells low priced food is that it drives down the prices from its suppliers often our own farmers and buys in cheap clothing from Third World countries,


The A46 is the second busiest road in the area. We believe this development will significantly increase traffic to an unacceptable level in this area and may well lead to the creation of an accident black-spot.

This stretch of road is already extremely busy with multiple junctions in close proximity. The proposal for another set of traffic lights just down from the Golden Cross junction will exaborate the traffic jams at peak flow times, with 1000s of additional journeys day and night. This will cause more pollution and affect the health and wellbeing of those living in Rodborough, Dudbridge and Lightpill.

Many of the local roads leading to the store are too narrow to cope with constant deliveries from large articulated trucks and lorries plus the increased car and van traffic movements.