Morrisons Dudbridge Development

What is being proposed?

  • Up 300 new local jobs
  • More choice for the local weekly shop
  • Revitalising a brownfield site
  • Accessible and sustainable location, next to the canal

Morrisons plan a


5 Responses to Morrisons Dudbridge Development

  1. Nick says:

    Why so positive about this?

  2. Darren says:

    this is opposite my house, with sainsburys next door! whats the point? its already chaos enough why bring more? its going to ruin the beautiful canal, bring more HGV noise pollution to an already busy road. i sure as hell wont be shopping there!

  3. Jo says:

    The current site is an eyesore and we need more supermarkets; you can’t park in Sainsburys. Hope this gets approved

  4. Darren says:

    sorry jo but i disagree, we already have Sainsbury’s, co-op Waitrose Tesco and now Asda coming next year, why do we need a Morrison’s next door? go to nailsworth if you want to shop there! also some companys that are there will be forced to relocate, and could COST jobs. why is that fair?

  5. The Caveman says:

    About time. I am fed up in Stonehouse with rip off prices in the CoOp. Hope we get a Aldi or Lidl as well. Choice, and more local jobs.

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