We’re a group of local residents who have come together to oppose the two proposed supermarket developments in Stroud. The question is: Does Stroud really need another two supermarkets?

Stroud has a thriving town centre, full of vibrant local independent retailers and a hugely successful farmers market. Its unique mix of shops, cafes and bars provide an atmosphere like no other. But this could change … and soon.

More supermarkets will create intense competition for many local retailers. The local economy will be shattered with devastating results, including unemployment and the inevitable parade of boarded-up shop fronts. Consider the pollution and increased noise from lorries loading and un-loading; heavy traffic congestion on roads not designed for lorries and mass access.

If you value your local community and the features that make Stroud such a special place to live, work, shop and play, join our campaign and say ‘NO!’ to another soulless supermarket and yes to small scale change.


One Response to About

  1. Geoff March says:

    Well done for getting something rolling! This site is ideal for small businesses (the life blood of the Stroud valleys), or housing (developers find it so much easier, or should I say profitable, to develop green fields eg Slad Valley, Rodborough Fields). And …. who wants ugly Walmart in beautiful Stroud?

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